Wednesday, 26 July 2017

WOYWW What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Hello fellow Desk Raiders. You've arrived at my shiny new blog. Look how tidy everything is! (For now.) My old blog is still around, I'm just separating the arty posts from the more personal ones is all.

My workshop desk this week has been the subject of a hostile (but cute) takeover. Since the summer holidays began, a little Bear has set up a production line out there. I'm getting lots of collage fodder out of it though, so who am I to complain?
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This means I'm squished upstairs, although the tower of books has reduced a little. Some library books went back but I borrowed a couple more from a friend. I'm not showing you the pile on the floor behind me... or the one in front of my bookshelf... or the rest of them.
The Art of Carmen Wing - A look at what's on my work desk
On screen I was half watching, half listening to a YouTube video about gouache by Myriam Tillson. Very good it was too - I've now subscribed to the channel. I love her accent. The sketchbook page isn't gouache - I think it was random paint pens, it's an old page where I was testing out the effects. I'm going to black or white out parts of the page with a big skull later on today. Just playing around. 

I actually sat down to draw some skulls and then realised it was Wednesday - so here I am.
The Art of Carmen Wing - A look at what's on my work desk
I'm now off to link up with Julia - follow me over to find a list of many more work spaces to poke through.
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

First Post - Hello :)

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A Warm Welcome

Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new blog. If you don't already know me I'm Carmen but am known around this t'interweb as Whoopidoo - I like to dabble in most creative medias but my biggest love is Illustration. I am 40 years old and will be starting a BA in Illustration and Animation with the University of Creative Arts in September. (Yes, I am bricking it!)

I have been blogging for years but have decided to separate my more personal (and very long) ramblings from my arty posts so that the people who are more interested in the arty don't have to sift through my weekly essays to see what I'm working on. I take part in Rocking Fridays - a practice in positive thinking, looking back on the week and picking out the good bits. If you are interested then please, feel free to come on over. Bring refreshments. You'll need them.

As for this blog, I'll be showing you what I'm working on, what inspires me, people I admire and - when I get there - what I'm working on at uni and hopefully, my progress and improvement. I'll also be taking part in What's On Your Workdesk Wednesdays when I can. I may throw in the odd book review too. I'm still deciding which blog they should go on...

So, that's it for now. A relatively short post for me.
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